Friday, December 19, 2008

Santa and the boys!

Here is a picture of the boys with Santa at North Pole City in OKC! If you have never been there, You must go and check it out! It looks like Christmas threw-up in there! The boys enjoyed sitting on Santa's lap. Santa had a "Special" message for Spencer (whom was fighting with his brother in front of Santa!) He told him to be nice to his brother and help his parents out and he also said that he would be watching him extra careful. It did not phase him in the least! Before they sat on him lap he read them the story of Jesus's birth and talked to them about how important Christmas was because it was Jesus's birthday. He asked them to remember to tell Jesus "happy birthday" on christmas day. While telling the story to the kids he would ask questions about parts of the story and One question was about Mary riding a donkey, Spencer quickly added that "Donkeys are bumpy!"

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