Friday, December 19, 2008

Baby Bump

Here is the "Belly Shot!" I will be 35 weeks this Saturday. So far so good. I have made it to the point were it is safe to have him. Gus was born at 35 weeks, so anything after that is good news. Tabor is doing great, he is measuring a week ahead. I think he will be a big baby. Again I am set to be induced on Jan. 16, if I don't go into Labor first. I just pray that I make it through Christmas. After that anything is fair game! The kids are started to get excited about Tabor's birth. They are starting to look at my belly like it might pop if they poke it. They love to give Tabor kisses and have started talking to him like he is here. Ethan and Spencer will tell Tabor they love him when I take them to school! It is very sweet!


greygillfish said...

Still looking fabulous! I just can't believe that you are not any bigger than you are. You carry babies so well. Hopefully, Tabor will stay in full term.

Chad's Chicks said...

You look wonderful Sammy. I can't wait to meet him. You guys will be in our thoughts...tell Amanda to call me when you go to the hospital!