Friday, December 19, 2008


Well, I think that is all that I have for now. We are very excited that Corbin is coming down for Christmas. The boys are so excited they are having trouble waiting for daddy to bring him home tonight! So we should have lots of pictures coming soon, See ya then!


Spencer's 1st class party

Today was Spencer's class Christmas party. He was very excited to have Gus and I attend. Spencer has an amazing pair of teachers. Ms. Hollenbeck & Ms. Wackerly are very loving teachers. Watching them handle the kids leave me in awe! They have a GIFT! I would not be sober if I had there jobs! Everyone had a wonderful time. Gus was very happy that he was able to sit by bubba and share in all the fun!

Date Night~

Guess who had a date night last night? Stacy and I!!!!! For Christmas one of my presents were to see Wynonna in Concert at Riverwind Casino! Thanks to my wonderful friend, Amanda, we had the kids taken care of! The Concert was WONDERFUL!!! It was just nice to spend some alone time with that guy my kids call daddy! Like most moms that get some time to themselves I felt bad for leaving my kiddos, but It was much easier leaving them with a wonderful mom like Ms. Amanda. Love ya Girl! They boys just love her to death. They were upset that she wasn't here in the morning! It was also an wonderful time to explain what a "Date" was. Spencer could not understand why mommies and daddies need time away from the kids! After we talked about it, he declared " Ethan & I are going on a date, Just boys, not girls!" Gus and Ethan were like, okay big deal! It was a wonderful time and I enjoyed the company of my wonderful husband, It has been awhile. Sometimes it blows my mind how blessed I am with my family and friends! God is Good!

Baby Bump

Here is the "Belly Shot!" I will be 35 weeks this Saturday. So far so good. I have made it to the point were it is safe to have him. Gus was born at 35 weeks, so anything after that is good news. Tabor is doing great, he is measuring a week ahead. I think he will be a big baby. Again I am set to be induced on Jan. 16, if I don't go into Labor first. I just pray that I make it through Christmas. After that anything is fair game! The kids are started to get excited about Tabor's birth. They are starting to look at my belly like it might pop if they poke it. They love to give Tabor kisses and have started talking to him like he is here. Ethan and Spencer will tell Tabor they love him when I take them to school! It is very sweet!

Santa and the boys!

Here is a picture of the boys with Santa at North Pole City in OKC! If you have never been there, You must go and check it out! It looks like Christmas threw-up in there! The boys enjoyed sitting on Santa's lap. Santa had a "Special" message for Spencer (whom was fighting with his brother in front of Santa!) He told him to be nice to his brother and help his parents out and he also said that he would be watching him extra careful. It did not phase him in the least! Before they sat on him lap he read them the story of Jesus's birth and talked to them about how important Christmas was because it was Jesus's birthday. He asked them to remember to tell Jesus "happy birthday" on christmas day. While telling the story to the kids he would ask questions about parts of the story and One question was about Mary riding a donkey, Spencer quickly added that "Donkeys are bumpy!"

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby update!

Hi All~
Just another update on baby Tabor! I will turn 34 weeks this Saturday, and all is well so far. My non stress test are all wonderfully normal, Praise the Lord! My doctor has set my inducement date for Jan. 16th. Now, keep in mind I have to make it that far. Stacy and I both have a feeling it will be sooner than that, but who knows. I am having trouble with my sugar levels, which is normal the further along you get. I am okay otherwise, just hanging out and trying to relax! I go back to the doctor every week and have non stress test until Tabor is here. Just wanted to update all of ya!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Baby update!

I had a my weekly dr appt yesterday and all was well. Tabor did not grow much this week, but last week he had a growth spurt! My blood pressure and sugar was fine. I had to go downstairs to the L.D. floor for my non-stress test, which was fine. No problems on that end. While I was getting my stress test, the lady in the bed next to me was having huge problems with her blood pressure and she was told that she would deliver her baby that day. She was around the say week I was, so that would be around 32 weeks. She was also told that her baby would be in the NICU until after New years. SO very sad. It broke my heart, that could of been me. So I prayed for her and gave thinks to the lord for my health and for Tabor's wellbeing. I just pray that we contiune to do well and have a healthy delivery! Next week I go in and do it all again, will update.

Thanksgiving at Great-Grandma Johnson's

The tree is up!

The tree is now up, thank you Lord! I can stop worrying about not getting it up this year. The boys were so very happy to see the lights on the tree and fight over who gets to plug them in! Everyone pitched in the year to decorate, even Gus! I had the honors of sitting back and watching all the fun and taking pictures! Now the boys check every time they enter the room to see if there are any presents under the tree.