Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Time keeps on slipping away

Wow! Look, I do still know how to type on my blog!!! To sum up last year: It went way too fast!  My kiddos are growing WAY TOO FAST! This month Johnson #5 will be 3!!! (SIGH)  And with that birthday comes the lovely task of potty training! A few of you know that I am not the best @ potty training the Johnson kids! (Stop laughing!! You know who you are!!!)  I have Johnson #5 in Big boy pants as we speak.  Here is hoping he doesn't leak everywhere!  I would LOVE to have him out of diapers by his birthday~ We shall see!    The kids are all back to school! Which means this house is QUITE! And with the house being quite, it makes me nervous! Why, not sure! I guess you just get so used to all the noise & when its quite it is sureal!  Well, my luck last as long as it took me to type this post. I must go & change someone pants =) Such is life in the Johnson House!

Be Blessed my Friends!