Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Look who's is 11 months old!

This little sweetie is 11 months old!  He is a crawling machine.  He knows how to get across the house in nothing flat, if he thinks he can make it through a doorway into his brother's room. He is alway there to smile and giggle.  He has started pulling up on things, so it will not be long before he starts walking! BIG SIGH!!! He loves his brothers and his daddy as you can see. He is "plug" dependent! One more month and he will be ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Another SIGH!!  It is so bitter sweet!  His brother each have a name for him.  TaterBug, Chubby, TeddyBear, Tabler, And bubbie.  We love you Tabor, Happy 11month old birthday!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Family "V"

Here is a family that we met at church.  I just love this family to pieces. I meet mom "G" in the nursery at church.  After weeks of watching and getting comfortable with her, I finally left my baby boy "T" with her. For those of you that know me, you know that takes alot for me to do.  She lovingly takes my baby every weekend at church and loves on him.  She is wonderful with all the children.  Well, I guess she would have to be.... She has 4 little ones all under the age 5 and the 2 younger ones are 2 year old TWINS!!!  Her wonderful husband "R" sets up in the older kids room at church and does all the sound for the Toon town service.  I have had the honor to have the twins in my class for awhile.  They are a beautiful mess!  The two oldest I have not spent alot of time with, but what I have spent with them is lots of fun!  If you have ever tried to take a picture of many small children, you will know that it is HARD to get the kids/parents to all look at you at the same time! This beautiful family makes me smile everytime I see them.  And I giggle everytime I see the pictures I took of them.. It was so wonderful to take pictures of your beautiful family R & G! I just love you guys!