Friday, August 28, 2009

The boys

I just love these boys to pieces! Thank you LORD for these blessings!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Boys oh boys oh boys!

Ok, so I know I have been slient on here for a little while. Here is the reason's why! I have spent the last 3 weeks loving on all of my boys. Corbin was down for a rare visit and I could not pass up the chance to take pictures of him. He was kind enough to let that happen because he loves me. ( or cause I am still bigger than him, for how long, who knows) The boys had a great time with "Corbie" as Gus calls him. We miss him already. He is now back in Texas getting ready for school to start.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Tabor A.K.A Teddy bear 6 months old. Sorry alittle late!

My sweet baby boy! What a wonderful little man he is. He is learning to roll. He is trying to learn how to sit. Crawling will not be too far behind. My baby boy is growing up. Sniff, sniff! He has the sweetest face. A smile that would melt ice.

The blessings in my life.

These are the reasons I get up in the morning. When life seem to hard to handle, I take a deep breath and glance around the house at my wonderful blessings. I love each and everyone of these men with all my heart and soul. I would give my life without question for anyone of these wonderful males. I stand in awe of how lucky I am to be the wife, mother,and step-mother to these beautiful males. I love you guys with every bit of my being.........