Thursday, December 11, 2008

Baby update!

Hi All~
Just another update on baby Tabor! I will turn 34 weeks this Saturday, and all is well so far. My non stress test are all wonderfully normal, Praise the Lord! My doctor has set my inducement date for Jan. 16th. Now, keep in mind I have to make it that far. Stacy and I both have a feeling it will be sooner than that, but who knows. I am having trouble with my sugar levels, which is normal the further along you get. I am okay otherwise, just hanging out and trying to relax! I go back to the doctor every week and have non stress test until Tabor is here. Just wanted to update all of ya!


greygillfish said...

Glad to hear that the pregnancy is going great. We need to see a new belly shot!

Our Crazy life said...

Just hurry up and get this thing done. QUIT holding out on everyone. You know it's ready to come out. It's like chocolate chip cookies. If you take them out just a little before they are done you have awesome chewy chocolate chip cookies. And everyone loves chewy chocolate chip cookies better than crispy ones.