Friday, December 19, 2008

Date Night~

Guess who had a date night last night? Stacy and I!!!!! For Christmas one of my presents were to see Wynonna in Concert at Riverwind Casino! Thanks to my wonderful friend, Amanda, we had the kids taken care of! The Concert was WONDERFUL!!! It was just nice to spend some alone time with that guy my kids call daddy! Like most moms that get some time to themselves I felt bad for leaving my kiddos, but It was much easier leaving them with a wonderful mom like Ms. Amanda. Love ya Girl! They boys just love her to death. They were upset that she wasn't here in the morning! It was also an wonderful time to explain what a "Date" was. Spencer could not understand why mommies and daddies need time away from the kids! After we talked about it, he declared " Ethan & I are going on a date, Just boys, not girls!" Gus and Ethan were like, okay big deal! It was a wonderful time and I enjoyed the company of my wonderful husband, It has been awhile. Sometimes it blows my mind how blessed I am with my family and friends! God is Good!

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