Monday, May 18, 2009


Not me Monday!

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.

Last week I meet up with my best friend to take 4 month old pictures of my youngest son. We love to get together and let all of our boys play. It usually goes well, until someone gets bit! Well, the 4 older boys were off playing on the merry-go-round, you know just being, well BOYS! Apparently this one mother thought it was too wild and told her little girl that “we need to go, it is just too rowdy here!” So said mother rushed her daughter and young son into the minivan and all but squealed her tire to get away from us. We look at each other and laughed. I mean we always get looked out when we are together and people always ask us “are they all your kids?” And we always smile and say “yes.” When our children get together it usually get wild, but they were all getting along great. Fast forward 45 min. and said kids were all playing together, no one is crying and we are thinking to ourselves, “This is going great!” Not more than 20 seconds after the words were out of our mouths did we look up to see our 2 oldest children peeing in the middle of the park with the 2 middle brothers standing next to the arching stream of urine watching with great intend!!! Now, any GOOD MOTHER would lose her mind and rush over to her child and remind them that we do not pee in public places like a park. But, NOT MEEEEEEEE!!!!!! We let them finish. *( NOTE: No one was in the park at the time of said peeing*) And did you know that little boys on a tennis court with no tennis racket or tennis ball will just resort to playing tennis with each other’s shoes? ME NEITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I also would NEVER get upset with my husband for simply asking me if I did laundry so he could “wear one of his favorite shirts.” It would NEVER cross my mind to tell him to choose another shirt out of his closet, because the man has 50 clean shirts hanging up.. But, NO he doesn’t like those shirts he wants the shirt that he did not put into the dirty clothes pile until the night before. And I would NEVER ask him in a snippy tone “than why do you have so many shirts in your closet?” That would be uncalled for, for me to get upset over a stupid shirt and 1 simple question. Who would do such a thing???? You guessed it…………..NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just think, a mother nursing her son, needing a burp rag. Burp rag MIA. What to do? How about using your breast pad to clean baby up with?!? Me neither, I would never do such a thing… NOT ME!!!!!!

My last one….. Who in their right mind would stay up late on a Sunday night to work on a post for Monday morning??????????????? NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!
It would be REALLY sad for someone to get REALLY EXCITED about getting an order of goat milk soap. Squealing like a child at the mailbox & running inside to try it, wouldn’t it? That’s what I thought, SAD! Good thing it was NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is nice to have friends that understand all of this stuff is sooooo NOT ME!!!!!!!!!

Enjoy and Happy NOT ME Monday!