Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Tabor smiling!

7 weeks old yesterday! He is smiling. Oh what a wonderful feeling as a parent when you know that your baby is smiling just for you. It makes my heart melt. I am in deep trouble when he gets older and worms his way out of trouble with this crooked little grin. All of his brother's have beautiful smiles, so I guess that it runs in the family. It seems that the world has came into focus for this little guy. He is paying attention to lots of details and follow me with his eyes as I walk across the room. He loves to look at his older brother when they talk to him. They are completely taken with him, that is until he learns to crawl and starts after toys. Tabor is sleeping most of the night, but must wake at least once for a feeding. (He has to keep the cheeks chubby.) He is growing so fast, it seem that I blink and he has changed from a newborn to a infant. Oh the joy that this little guy brings to this family!

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