Thursday, March 26, 2009

A Special family to me.

This is a very special family to me. A little weird for some, but "NORMAL" to me. These beautiful children belong to my 1st husband David and his beautiful wife Angela. We have been blessed with a loving relationship to co-parent our son Ethan. I know that most people do not have a good relationship with their ex spouses, but with the Grace of God we have managed. We have laughed, cried, honored and respected each other and their family. I hope that as the years pass, we are still this brave in our journey to co-parent our wonderful son. This family is a Godly family and has seen there share of sorrow. They have lost more than most will ever know. Both Angela and David have shown strength that I have little understanding of. They have shown faith and determination that leave me speechless. With this I have a love and respect for you both as a mom, dad, daughter, son and most of all as a loving Couple. I hope that our son is taking notes, so that he will grow to be a honorable man like both of his dads and will look for a wife like yours. Hugs to you both. Your are in my prayers!

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Heather said...

What cute kids they are. It is great to hear that you have a special relationship with them. That is the best way to raise kids-with both parents involved and working together.