Monday, July 26, 2010

Homemade Dryer sheets

Hi All! I hope you enjoyed the homemade Laundry Soap. I know that I have enjoyed the laundry soap more than you can know.  It leaves your clothes with very little smell at all, which is good.  I love fabric softener & usually put some in each load of laundry. That can get really expense in my household.  So, I have searched online to find a better way of saving money in this area.  I have came across alot of different things. These are my favorite two:

The 1st one is an oldie, but goodie!  cup of vinegar in the rinse cycle. It helps keep washing machines & hoses fresh & clean.  It also help with the "smell" that sometimes occurs with the front loading washing machines.

The second recipe:

-1    5 gallon bucket*              
-1 container of Fabric softener
                                                           -1 package of sponges

Pour fabric softener in bucket

Then fill bottle with water and add to bucket, Twice..
2 parts water to 1 part fabric softener

Cut sponge in half & place in bucket. I only cut up one, but will add another.

When ready to use, squeeze out extra mixture for one sponge and add to dryer as you would a dryer sheet.  I use two when I dry, just cause I like the smell of the fabric softener I use.  Works just as well as any dryer sheets I have used in the past & also helps with static.
*It says to use a 5 gallon bucket, but I will us a 3gallon bucket next time, just so I don't have the bulk from the 5 gallon bucket.

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