Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Creepy Candy Hands

I love Halloween. My kids love Halloween more! I found this craft in a magazine the other day. It was really cute & CHEAP! Just my style! Here is a picture of all the things I used to make the "hands!"
It was so very easy to make, even the kiddos can join in. It is super simple. All the items are from Wal-mart. The supplies cost about $15. Here is how you make the Creepy hands.
1. Get vinyl disposable gloves (powder free). Clear food handling gloves work the best, But I could not find them at Wal-mart.
2. Jellybeans, candy corn, gummy worm & Gum drops (whatever candy you like)
3. Fill the gloves with candy, rubber band the ends & tie ribbon on.
****you can get as crafty as you want, I found that if you put a candy corn at the tip of the finger, it made it look more witchy..******** You can also fill up POWDER FREE gloves and place in the freezer and use the glove as a mold for frozen hands in the punch. My boys just love the Creepy hands, Enjoy!

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greygillfish said...

How cute. I think I will use this idea this weekend!

Your boys sure have grown since I saw them last. Especially Tabor.