Wednesday, July 15, 2009

ET Phone home!!!

Hi all~

An update on the home front. We are all doing well. The new house is great. It has lots of room for the kiddos to run and play. Best of all it has a HUGE backyard that the boys spend most of the time in. Our house backs up to a Nature Reserve and we have seen our share of "wild animals." We have seen deer, coons, lizards, ants, bugs off all sizes, and Gus swears that he has seen a Kangaroo. ( it was actually a large deer that snorted at him, but I will let him think what he will.) Stacy loves his new job. He drives about 30 mins. on way, which is about the same travel time as before. He could not be happier. We have had 2 birthday's here. Gus turned 4 and Ethan turned 10. Lots of unpacking still to do and I can't find a thing. All in all it is wonderful. The boys are very excited to start a new school next year. So all is well on this end. I will post some pics as soon as I get the home computer up and running. Email me and I will give you my new address and phone number....

Hugs to all



Heather said...

Glad you all are doing well and getting unpacked. It is great to know that Stacy loves his new job and the kids are excited to start school.

greygillfish said...

Glad to hear you are getting settled in. Sounds like you found a great home and Stacey has been blessed with a wonderful job. Keep in touch! We will miss you!