Friday, April 24, 2009

Can you say "painful?"

Today has been a day from you know what. I somehow hurt my lower back. It was hurting yesterday, but not to bad. So I went to my wonderful Dr. B and he gave me muscle relaxer and pain pills. I took my meds last night and had a wonderful nights sleep. This morning before I went to pick Spencer up, my back spasmed and I was unable to walk. The scary part was I was carrying my sweet baby boy. I make it to the bed and was able to lay the baby down and slowly very slowly crawl into bed. Than a got Gus to get me a phone and I called Stacy. So to make a long story short, Stacy picked up Spencer and saved the day. Meanwhile I doped myself up and tried to feed my baby, followed by a nice long nap. Once I woke up the fun started. At this point I am not able to stand straight, but was able to get to the recliner in the livingroom. Hopefully I will contiune to improve so that I can make it to my cousin's wedding in Sand Springs. Keep me in your prayer, please. As my children know that I am not 100% and are taking this time to act out. That is all for now.!!!!

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