Friday, February 13, 2009

1 month old

Tabor turns 1 month old today!!! Were has the time gone? It seems like yesterday that I was holding him in my arms for the 1st time. It is very bitter sweet that my babys are growing up so fast. I remind myself daily that I must hold on to every moment and cherish everyday things. The LORD has giving me some much more than I deserve, but I hold on to the gifts that he has giving me. Sometimes when the house is "crazy" and I can't get a moment to myself I think all I need is some peace and quite, but in the rare moments that I do get that it feels like a big part of me is missing. So, when the kids are scream and fight, I take a moment to give thanks to the LORD that he has giving me enough. And my soul is filled with love for all the gifts in my life. Sorry alittle off topic. Anyways, Tabor is starting to look around and actully see things now, and is getting more control of his head. He is sleeping most of the night. He loves bath time. He is the sweetest little baby. I could not ask for more.

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Heather said...

They grow way too fast.